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BCN Concerie Sustainability Report 2022




Achievements and Goals:

  • One of the first Italian tanneries to obtain Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management, in 1997check
  • Discovery of bio-polymer for an innovative tanning product, obtained from mill water waste of oil production, (already license). check 
  • Construction of tool to optimize colour fine-tuning and minimize the use of chemicalscheck
  • spectrophotometric reading that measures colour unerringly, under the control of Finisher. check
  • Keeping the catalogue up to date in accordance with market requirements. check
  • Active energy monitoring of each machine. loading
  • Providing technical assistance and customer support. check
  • Production minimising water wasteloading
  • Implementation of urban waste recyclingloading
  • Supporting local economy and well-beingcheck 
  • Improving the industrial plant for abatement of VOCs and fine dust in the atmosphere, with use of waste material from tanning industryloading

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