Worker's day - People's day

Sunday, October 22 was held in Vigevano the traditional Worker’s Day - People's Day organized by the national footwear Consorzio dei Santi Crispino e Crispiniano.

President Roberto Lupi participated in the event together with people who are participating in the history of Made in Italy, without forgetting traditions and social sustainability.

The historical re-enactment is an opportunity to bring together influential personalities in the footwear and leather sector, who were traditionally united in the same corporation.

The Consorzio dei Santi Crispino e Crispiniano was founded in Vigevano in 1608, when the Confraternita dei Calzaiouli gathered in the Chiesa della Misericordia in Vigevano; the following historical evidence confirms that the group has remained solid in the city.

Over time, the Consortium has maintained its proximity to the founding principles, thanks to the continuous donations and charitable works linked to the Church’s activities.


Event Photos

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