Maura’s final task, entitled Adum, born from her observations and the study of Made in Italy evolution for the degree course in "Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts" at the IUAV University of Venice, with advisor Prof. Gabriele Monti and co-supervisor PhD Edoardo Brunello.

Her reflections focus on the communication of the self through the concept "bag", which loses its characteristic of marginal accessory to become central in the construction of the collection image.

Maura writes that it’s important to reflect on the accessory and the way it’s worn, which helps determine a specific attitude and behavior. The same bag will transmit two different sensations to the individual, if it’s a crossbody or shoulder bag. A clutch will cause a perception of self completely different from a backpack. In the second case the accessory doesn’t alter the bearing, in the first it’s the object itself that induces it, keeping a hand engaged and instilling a certain sense of security. (Adum, pp. 30).

Maura to combine these considerations with the concept of pragmatism that requires the mountain, her birthplace, leading from curiosity.
"The aim of the project is to rethink the role and meaning of accessories: no more 'accessories' elements, they become fundamental subjects in the construction of the silhouette. Bag, vest and cap’re in fact an integral part of the general study of the outfit, designed in line with clothing." (Adum, pp. 55).

The bag, jacket and hat in crust Baby Voilà and soft patent leather Seta Paint in continuity tactile and aesthetic, represents a single element can be disassembled and modified, where the "beautiful" is given by the appearance of the material and clean lines, attentive to all the in-depth concepts in communication, practicality and anatomical adaptation.

Thanks to the visit in BCN Concerie, Maura is choosing these types of leather from the BCN large catalogue. Under the teacher’s supervision, Maura can combine technical fabrics with leather, which by definition is a durable and reliable material.

BCN Concerie has a long tradition of participation and support in degree theses, but this is one of the first times to actively participate in the elaborated and the final product.
We’re pleased to have provided Maura with material and information, that can also help her in the development of her academic and professional career.


Maura March Portfolio


Congratulations again!


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