New Talent

Anniversaries lead to reflections: on the occasion of the Lineapelle 100th edition, BCN Concerie decided it’s time to deepen the connection between the company and training institutes.

The fashion industry is one of the most important areas of the Italian productive sector, so it’s essential transmitting knowledge to the younger people who face this reality.

Thanks to the collaboration between UNIC and the Italian academic institutes, we’re able to get in touch with the fashion design workshop 5 of IUAV - University of Venice.

Caterina Dal Bianco, with her collection "Ketagalore", and Giammarco Muschio, with "Archivio", were able to find help in BCN both on a material and experiential level.
BCN has set up a dedicated corner inside its stand, which also hosted one of the works of Rebecca Di Fazio, graduated in Undergraduate Fashion Design at Polimoda, of the "Afraid of the dark" collection.
'Dorada' for Caterina, 'Baby Voilà' for Giammarco and 'Asti' for Rebecca and for us it was very interesting to see our products as experimental material.

During the days of the fair, students were able to touch, handle and listen to everything related to BCN items, discovering in their leather a material with multiple facets.
"Leather" has become a word that can trigger curiosity and interest, just starting to touch and test the differences between the types.
Alongside our sales staff, they were able to see closely what the demands of the design and material research offices are: all this experience represents a cultural heritage that will surely treasure for their future professional training.
The meeting between BCN and these young talents was a resource for everyone’s experience.


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