POR Creo Project

BCN Concerie chooses Kode for consultancy activities aimed at the realization of the BCN20+ MICROINNOVATION project.


The advice with Kode Srl aims at improvement the production operations  efficiency and the artificial intelligence development.

In particular, focus is on production’s optimization and activities’s maintenance in BCN Concerie. This solution aims to simplify management and monitoring phases of processes, while it follows a data driven logic guided by the application of advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics techniques.


The project activities are:

1. AS IS analysis and definition of functional requirements;

2. Structuring and integration of databases within the company information system;

3. Design of the back-end and front-end interfaces.


The working group identified by BCN Concerie will be actively involved in the project activities, to collect continuous feedback to propose solutions and facilitate the adoption of new tools within company operations.

Poster Digital MicroInnovation BCN 20+