POR Creo Project

GOBACK project for the complete recovery of finished leathers.


GOBACK project starts from need to recover the finished leather discarded by order from various luxury brands: these discarded leathers aren’t way marketable beacuse products are an exclusive.
Brand requests destruction of items: it is usually stipulated in supply contracts to guarantee the exclusivity of brand item.

These things are a serious economic damage for tannery beacuse it must destroy high valure finished articles and cost for the environment: the discarded hides in according to the contract, must be destroyed for via thermal (incineration): we throw away varied number of chemicals, water, electricity and materials.


GOBACK aims to study and develop a new process to recover the discarded finished leather. The machinery removes finishing to return item to crust state, that is semi-worked.
It can be reworked for the same customer or a new one with the same quality standards.




Team work obtains a first prototype in GOBACK: it is extremely innovative for tannery and it has a strong impact on the economy of sector. This new type of process will make possible create a new type of processing that can be use by the tanneries and above all by their subcontractors.


The new finishing removal system can be interfaced with any company management system.
It will be built with a sophisticated process control system based on specific sensors and will be capable of the intensity of the removal treatment self-regulation system for all size and thickness of leather, as well as to type of finishing.


At least it will has an integrated optical reading crust’s system for quality control.




BCN Concerie SpA - Lead partner, Tannery that works for the big names in fashion.

In GOBACK he will be in charge of testing and validating the results obtained on the rewoven leathers, with the Goback machinery.


Apuania Corsi Srl - Mechanical company that builds surface transformation plants.

In GOBACK he will be responsible for creating the production machinery, testing it and preparing its integration with the computer control system.


BF Engineering Srl - Engineering company expert in mechanical design.

In GOBACK he will be responsible for designing and following the construction of the machinery, in close collaboration with Apuania Corsi Srl and Eurosoft Srl.


Eurosoft Srl - Leading company in the development of CAD / CAM systems, hardware applied to the field of automation and vision systems.

In GOBACK he will be in charge of building and developing the vision system integrated with the company IT management and the calculation system based on artificial intelligence and deep-learning algorithms, for the quality control of surfaces obtained after leather reprocessing.