POR Creo Project

According to significant investment in production, it was necessary to acquire qualified consultancy, in order to direct production in dimension of Industry 4.0.
With this project, BCN Concerie aims to identify the correlations between data recorded by production machinery, production batches and processing times of a specific batch.

The goal is to create a prototype (proof of product) of a computer device capable of collecting and showing on the screen, in real time, the information necessary for production.
The traceability of this information, with a view to continuous improvement and process innovation, will lead to a turning point in communication procedures of variation of the production cycle, making them completely computerized.

The software will be specific to the tannery sector.

The project will be divided into following phases:


1. Analysis of requirements and machinery involved;
2. Software architecture design, both front-end and back-end;
3. Development and realization of a working prototype;
4. Field tests alongside operators of the tannery.

Poster Project Industry 4.0